Thursday, 12 September 2013

Kilner Jars Commercial - Behind the Scenes

Summer for Strange Case has been a brilliant one. Not only have we been blessed with sunshine, but we have had the opportunity to work on some wonderful projects. If you are a regular follower of all things SCC, you will know we work closely with Liverpool company Papertwin. A group of extremely talented film makers creating commercials, beautiful wedding videography and films. In August, they approached us with a project, that as an avid crafter, we just couldn't say no too.

Logo and Image from Kilner Jars website

Kilner Jars. You know Kilner Jars. The jar that your Mum uses to store jam in, the ones you get cocktails in at your favourite bar, the jars in the background of The Great British Bake Off? Yes, those. Well, they have been around since 1842 and are now venturing into their first TV commercial. We have worked on set with Papertwin a lot before and when they needed Art Department for this shoot, they gave us a call.

Kilner Jars are awesome. I was heard saying it on set a lot, but there really is so much you can do with them. Our job was to show the variety in which the jars can be used and to create as many variations as possible before we all arrived on set. After meeting with the brand, in a location that can only be described as Sophie heaven,  (walls lined with every Kilner Jar, in every variety and rooms filled with the most beautiful home and cookware appliances) the brand sent us a selection of the range to get to work with.

Top - Delivery for Strange Case!
Bottom - Setting to work on the children's jars. - A customised pin cushion jar.
All images by Strange Case Collective

With plenty of jars to work with and a lot of ideas, Laura, Nicola and I, set to work filling the jars with as many colourful, fun and different ideas we could. We bought an abundance of citrus fruit, spray paint, butchers twine and buttons, then got going with our glue-gun and kitchen appliances. 

A small selection of what we filled the jars with. They are perfect for decorating too!
All images by Strange Case Collective
One of the things that we noticed and loved about the jars is that they look just as amazing empty as they do filled. The spray painted versions have been so popular with everyone who has seen them and I love how the logo stands out when filled with colour behind.

From soap dispensers, to twine wrapped drinking vessels, the opportunities are endless
with the range of Kilner Jars.
All images by Strange Case Collective
Our studio was taken over with an abundance of jars, all covered in ribbons, wool, twine and buttons. Filled with everything from soap, beads, sequins and vegetables, to oil, vinegar and chilies. We then cracked on with labeling them. We used washi tape, blackboard paint, tippex, and of course, the Kilner range of labels. It was a well oiled production line of creativity. With all the jars finished and packed up. We set off at 06:00am to arrive nice and early at the most beautiful location in Wilmslow.

Photography by Gary Owens
How beautiful are the surroundings of this lovely cottage? We even had an on set puppy, who kept everyone entertained. Especially four-year-old Lois, our actress, who fell in love with him.
Top - Set dressing in the background.
Middle - Our customised children's themed jars
Bottom - Karen and Alex, the actors
Images by Gary Owens
Cakes by Laura's Little Bakery. Flowers by The Flower Barn
Some of the label and jar variations we came up with.
Images by Gary Owens
Flowers by The Flower Barn
Top - Lois, 4, our wonderful little actress.
Middle - Cupcakes by Laura's Little Bakery
Bottom - Mike from Papertwin, filming the ad!
Image by Gary Owens
What a way to end the Summer. On set with a wonderful crew, providing the art department for our first UK TV commercial. The advert will be going live on Saturday and you can see it on More 4, TLC, Really, Food Network and Good Food. We are very excited and after all the hard work put in from our team, everyone involved and especially Kilner, it will be a proud moment to see it gracing some of our favourite channels.

Looking forward to hearing what you all think.

Sophie xxx


  1. the set looks stunning and I'm sure everyone is adding kilner jars to their next craft project.

  2. @Jared - Cheers Mr! We loved being a part of it :)