Friday, 7 March 2014

The Overchurch Runic Stone

The main the thing I love about my job is the variety of the projects we get given. One week we could be making giant paper flowers for a wedding and the next week working on a comic book themed party, we never get bored and during February another unique project appeared in our inbox.

Last month we were approached by Big Heritage, a Heritage, Education and Archaeology Social Enterprise based in Bromborough. We have worked with them before and created this replica Roman tombstone for them in 2013, so as soon as you see Dean's name appear in your inbox, you know it's going to be something awesome.

This time, they wanted us to recreate the Overchurch Runic stone to be displayed in their new pop up museum. As soon as we saw the brilliant 3D images and sketches they had provided we said yes and I dived right into it.

To be honest, I love any excuse really to create a mess carving. So I set off to my new favourite place, B&Q to get materials. I couldn't wait to get carving.

The carving process was helped by the ‘Legendary’ rotary tool. This has become a bit of an in joke between me and Sophie. Every time we do a carving project I insist we use the rotary tool and I insist we call in legendary… because it is. The stone really came to life once the painting process started.

After finishing a project like this, you cannot wait to get feedback from the client and knowing Dean and the rest of the BH team loved it, was the cherry on top!

The runic stone is currently being displayed at Pyramids shopping centre in Birkenhead for six weeks, so if you find yourself over the water, pop in and see it for real!

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