Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hand drawn typography and fancy florals.

Faye and David. Part One. 

Wednesday. One of our favourite days of the week, as alongside the rest of the wedding industry we celebrate all things wedding and get involved in #weddingwednesday. It has to be one of our favourite hashtags... yes we have favourites. 

We thought that this WW, we would formally introduce you to our fabulous illustrator Jen. Jen is our go to for all things hand drawn, pretty and a little bit different. She has created some fantastic invitations for us in the year she has worked with us and the design she came up with for #SCCbride Faye and her now husband David, is our one of our absolute favourites to date. 

Faye and David are such a fantastic couple and close to our hearts. They were the first people who ever got in touch with us over eighteen months ago about wedding stationery. They happened to be walking past Studio 2 in Liverpool, just as the wedding party of our first couple Karen and Lee was taking place. After recognising her from the pages of Rock My Wedding, Faye got in touch the next day and we've been in contact ever since. We are so lucky to be able to not only be a part of the big day of our couples, but become friends with them too. So now we will hand over the blog to Jen, who better to talk you through the design!

I’ve been part of team Strange Case now for a just over a year now and every project I’ve worked on so far has been super exciting. I have to say though that to date this was probably the best yet! The style of Faye and David’s invitation set were right up my street with playful florals and the opportunity to include a hand drawn map. Something I had been dying to do for a while. After Sophie and Laura met with Faye and heard all of her fantastic ideas I couldnt wait to get started. We always ask our clients to create a pinterest board of inspiration and as soon as I saw Faye's ideas, I knew this was going to be a fantastic project.

I created a main invitation that opened up to reveal a little hand drawn map, which was great fun to create. This project really excited me as I had the opportunity to hand draw all of the text. I always prefer to hand draw my text because it seems much more personal; any excuse to get my ink and brushes out! Coming up with a logo specifically for the couple was a real highlight. I really wanted to ensure their initials all linked together and the wildflowers around the outside took inspiration from Faye's bouquet. 

The RSVP was a double sided postcard style which allowed guests to quickly stick on a stamp and post their replies back to the couple. Adding the option to leave a message for Faye and David was a lovely touch and meant the couple had something nice to read with every reply they got. Up next was designing the order of service. Now that we had the initial design in place, it just needed some tweaking with the addition of two larger ribbons with church detail and date, plus the sweetest quote on the back. I think Sophie may have got a little teary when she read it, as it is so lovely. She does cry at most things though...

One of the best parts about designing order of service, is getting to see them in use on the big day. It is something that never gets old and fills us with pride. Huge thank you to Navyblur Photography for sending us the beautiful photos of Faye and David using them in the church. Don't they look fantastic!

Photography by Navyblur
Photography by Navyblur
Up next was a set of thank you cards. We received an email from Faye just after the wedding and it simply stated;
"Help, I'm addicted to my wedding stationery and I need more."
Of course, we absolutely jumped at the chance to 1. Be back in touch with Faye and 2. Get their wedding stationery back on our computer screens. So I set to work adding another little ribbon to the invitation with the words thank you.

Knowing that Faye and David adored our design so much they wanted it to play such a part throughout their wedding really means the world to us. We even got to create something rather special for them that also featured in their wedding reception too. However,  you'll have to wait for part two to read all about that. Be sure to head back to our blog on Friday to read about what we made.

If you loved Faye and David's wedding stationery as much as we did, do let us know. At Strange Case Collective all of our wedding stationery is personally designed for you. No other couple will ever have the same and it will be completely unique. Whether you would like something hand illustrated, or graphics based, within our team we can create the perfect design for your big day. From invites, to order of service, right through to thank you cards, there is nothing we can't create.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation, via Skype or in person, simply get in touch and we can take it from there!

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