Monday, 30 December 2013

2013, what a year.

2013 at Strange Case Collective has been amazing. 

We turned two-years-old, got featured on our favourite wedding blogs, headed the design for a nationwide TV commercial, made hundreds of paper flowers, met our crafting Queen and helped to create incredible memories for an amazing couple. We've definitely packed it all in. 

We were going to sit here and write a big blog highlighting everything we did, but then we thought, hey, a picture says a thousand words. So here are thousands of words for you, featuring our most favourite projects and moments this year.

Here is to 2014, bring it on.

Gracing the pages of Rock My Wedding

Tomorrow I'll Be Happy, Altru Youth Theatre.

Being featured on Love My Dress

The incredible wedding of Karen and Lee. 

Photography by Claire Penn.
Photography by Rivington Photography

The moment, alongside Papertwin Weddings and Claire Penn, we surprised Karen and Lee with a premiere of their wedding film.
Photography by Claire Penn

Being featured on Bespoke Bride
Photography by Lucy Greenhill.

Karen and Lee, our first wedding client, being chosen as Rock My Wedding, wedding of the year and my god do they deserve it. What. A. Day.

Now that is what you call a year. Happy New Year everyone, from all at Strange Case Collective.


  1. Happy new year, you guys! Looks like you've had a FABULOUS one. Hope to work with you lovely peeps soon! xx

    1. Thanks lovely. It's been a brilliant one. Cant wait for 2014 and really hope we get to work with each other :)

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