Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hayley's 21st Geek Fest

"Dr Who, Marvel, DC and Lord of the Rings." This was all Laura needed to hear when Jared asked us to style his sister Hayley's 21st birthday. "We want to fill the party with everything Hayley loves and it's going to be a geek-fest."

We love nothing more than a quirky theme and set to work thinking how we could incorporate Hayley's favourite things into our design.

First up, the photobooth. This was the perfect opportunity for Laura to go all out creating props allowing the guests to become some of their favourite superhero, comic book and Dr Who characters. Whilst I set to work creating metre upon metre of bunting inspired by Dr Who.

We set off to Bolton, had sausage sandwiches, fell in love with a dog called Hugo and dressed the party venue, all as a surprise for Hayley, who had no idea.

"Sophie thanks so much for all of the decorations and the photo booth it's amazing!!!! My cousins kids are LOVING the photo booth xoxo"

"A big thank you to everyone who came last night, I had an amazing time! Thanks for the hugs, presents, cards and just being there. A massive thank you to Ian Blundell Design for the invites, Laura's Little Bakery for the delicious cupcakes and a huge thank you to Strange Case Collective for the amazing decorations and photobooth!!"

Feedback like that, makes us love our job even more.

Happy Birthday Hayley!


  1. Hello I would like to know if you can make these props for my daughters 5th bday party in oct. its a superhero and princess theme. please contact me at my email for a quote. thank you

  2. Where did you get the props for Spiderman, Superman, and Batman? Or did you make them and if so which cutter did you use?

  3. Please I need this for my wedding on April! Help!